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Sight of child


In the womb, sight is the last of our senses to form. At three days old, an infant is able to focus on the face of its mother and by six weeks recognize it. Vision develops because the eye is stimulated. Its development stops at the age of six years.

An examination at 6 months enables us to check that an infant is able to follow an object, that s/he reacts to light and that s/he doesn’t squint. Amblyopia (poor vision in one or both eyes) and strabismus are often linked and need to be treated urgently. It’s essential to treat before the age of 6, because by then the eye ceases to develop. Parents should be particularly vigilant, for example if a child often uses only one eye even if there is no obvious discomfort.

Hyperopia (far-sightedness) is common in children and should be corrected if it persists.

Myopia (short-sightedness), which is often inherited, appears between 5 and 10 years.

General advice for parents:

– Protect your child’s eyes from UV rays because his or her eyes are much more fragile than that of an adult

– Regularly check your child’s vision to ensure quality vision in the future.


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