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Can I wear my polarised glasses in any situation, at all times?

Although it can drastically improve your vision, there are times when they can actually impair your vision, and it’s not ideal to wear them in these instances.

Polarised sports sunglasses have some pros and cons for snow sports enthusiasts, but they’re not suited to downhill skiing. While it will reduce the glare from the sun on the snow, it may darken details in the shade. When skiers are unable to distinguish between patches of ice and obstacles, it can be potentially dangerous.

Displays on LCD screens are also often difficult to see, as the polarisation filters may reduce the visibility. Although most modern cars have improved their displays and these can be clearly seen through polarised sunglasses, those who drive older models may struggle to see important messages or warning lights. Similarly, pilots and boaters can also struggle to see LCD displays.

Always consult your eyecare professional before purchasing a polarised lens product.