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Five Leadership Qualities of Great Entrepreneurs

       The first: a sense of mission

       Mr. Kazuo Inamori said that when the western part of the United States was developing, the caravan of wagons set off from the eastern continent

       and headed for the uninhabited western grasslands, and began a great migration that lasted for several months or even more than a year. 

       On the way, there are countless difficulties hitting the convoy, and only the captain with excellent leadership can lead the convoy to reach

       the destination successfully.

       Therefore, the entrepreneur must have the same strong aspirations as the captain of the caravan.

       In the early days of starting a business, even if there is only a strong selfish desire, it is fine, 

       but then it is necessary to propose a corporate goal with a righteous name, so that the company has a sense of mission. 

       This is the first qualification a leader must possess. Otherwise, if their hearts are full of selfish desires, 

       I am afraid that not many people are willing to work hard for their own selfish desires.

       Second: Influence

        As a business leader, have you shown a strong will in front of your employees?

        Is this will really expressed by action? Or just stop at word of mouth?

        In other words, as a business leader, have you put in as much effort as anyone else, 

        so that your subordinates feel that "our boss is working so hard, we have to help him too!"

       The third: the global view

       In business management, being content with the status quo means going backwards.

       In order to challenge and succeed in a new business, a positive way of thinking is required - a belief in the infinite possibilities of people, 

       and the ability that people hold has infinite possibilities for improvement through experience. 

       As a business leader, we should work according to the procedures of optimistic vision, pessimistic plan, and happy implementation.

       In the process of achieving a new career, various difficulties will be encountered.

       Because of this, in the stage of conception, we must hold dreams and hopes, and believe that things can be accomplished, 

       otherwise, we will not have the courage to challenge. 

       So no matter what kind of problem arises, it is very necessary to devote enthusiasm and move forward courageously.

      Fourth: wide thickness

       Regarding the aptitude of corporate leaders, Lv Xinwu, a thinker in the Ming Dynasty, wrote in his book "Moaning Words", 

       "Deepness and depth are the first-class qualifications, and cleverness and argumentation are the third-class qualifications."

       However, today's It is very common for people with only third-class qualifications,

       i.e., intelligent and eloquent, to be selected as leaders in the enterprises of 2000.

        Of course, people who make good use of their abilities can also contribute to the organization,

        but they may not be able to win the trust and respect of their subordinates and customers, and they may not be able to become true leaders.

        Sometimes, infighting occurs within an organization, and harmonious relationships are disintegrated, 

        often because the leaders who are activated have only third-class qualifications, rather than profound qualities.

        Fifth: Decisiveness

        A cordial and caring heart is the most fundamental quality a leader should possess.

       Therefore, a leader should become a caring dictator, usually showing the leader's care for employees, 

        and showing the leader's decisiveness in a few critical moments.

       There is a saying in Tao Te Ching, "Be kind and be brave." Excellent leaders do not maximize their own interests and losses, 

       but work hard for the happiness of others with the greatest energy. 

       The Tao of the family, such Tao is the leadership of the entrepreneur, and the leadership of the entrepreneur is the competitiveness of the enterprise.