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Walking with a crisis

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said: "Never waste a good crisis."

Running a business is walking with a crisis.

An entrepreneur said: "When you run a business, you have to go back and forth every three or five years." Every few years, 

a company faces a huge crisis and challenge, a hurdle that seems to be insurmountable.

For example, competitors squeeze the living space, the impact of the epidemic causes funds to break, core executives leave with the backbone, 

and major customers suddenly stop cooperating... In this way, moving forward in a crisis is the normal state of business operations.

But we found that under a huge crisis, a person's leadership will be more strongly displayed. This is [crisis leadership].

In general, people show leadership in a crisis that is several times the level of leadership they usually show in their daily lives.

Under this kind of extraordinary performance, he will be extraordinarily bright-eyed. With his unparalleled concentration, 

he will identify the direction, find a way out, complete the breakthrough, and achieve a leap in the situation of life and death.

However, there is also another situation, that is, a serious crisis will directly overwhelm an enterprise. 

Not only did they fail to show leadership, but they also caused secondary damage to the company due to decision-making mistakes, 

causing chaos and eventually collapse. What is the reason?

Let's start by telling a story about the darkest moment of Mr. Kazuo Inamori, the saint of Japanese management.

In 1972, Kyocera Corporation, founded by Mr. Inamori, began to enter the medical field, and successively developed a series of ceramic hip joints. 

After obtaining the approval of the competent authorities, the development was on the right track.

But in 1985, an unexpected thing happened. Some people have suggested that since the artificial ceramic hip joint developed by Kyocera is so effective, 

it can also provide ceramic knee joints, which are urgently needed by patients.

Out of consideration for the patient, the artificial knee joint was put into production and sales without waiting for approval. 

But the competent authorities have regulations, even if the artificial joints made of the same material, as long as the shape or size is different, 

they need to be reported again and approved before they can be put into production. Kyocera's approach has violated the law.

Even if it is a good thing for patients, hundreds of patients have successfully undergone surgery, but after all, 

they have not been approved by the competent authorities.

Therefore, patients have raised questions, and the media has begun to overwhelmingly question and accuse Kyocera, 

claiming that it is willing to make money by using patients as bait. , without regard for human life. To this end, 

Mr. Inamori had to go to the competent department many times to explain the explanation, admit his mistakes and apologize, 

and finally received a one-month suspension of business.

For the first time, Kyocera, which has always grown up smoothly, was criticized by public opinion. At such a dark time in life, 

Mr. Inamori visited an elder he respected, Nishikata Tanyuki.

He explained the whole story to Nishikata Danxue, and poured out his inner pain and confusion. 

Unexpectedly, after listening to Nishikata Danxue, he smiled and said: If he died, there would be nothing to worry about. 

Your pain means you are still alive. Isn't it a good thing to have a chance to make a comeback when you are alive?

After hearing this, Mr. Inamori felt very surprised at first and couldn't accept it. But Nishikata Danxue's next words made him pause. 

The gist of the words was as follows:

The product goes on the market before the approval is completed, and it has planted a bomb itself, which may detonate at any time. 

The situation today is that the bomb exploded. Exploding is a good thing, it means the danger has been cleared. 

Although it hurt you, the danger has been lifted after all, and most importantly, the explosion did not take away your life, you are still alive. 

As long as you live, you can overcome this predicament.

Going back to the question raised above, why did some companies not only failed to demonstrate leadership during the crisis, 

but also made a series of wrong decisions, making the company slide further into the abyss?

In fact, it is because our hearts are burdened with too heavy a burden, which weighs heavily on top like a boulder, 

making it hard for us to breathe, and obscuring our original clear wisdom.

This state is reflected in our eyes. Think about it, when we go to investors and customers with fear and anxiety in our eyes, 

will they trust us because of this? Pushing others by oneself, the answer is naturally no.

Sometimes, on the battlefield, instead of being defeated, we choose to surrender ourselves.

Many companies go bankrupt, not to the point where bankruptcy is unavoidable, but they choose to admit defeat first. 

There are still many companies that have encountered troubles and crises, but not fatally. 

It was the subsequent series of wrong decisions that brought fatal secondary damage. 

It can be said that they were frightened to death by themselves, and they were trapped by their own misjudgment.

However, if you can put down the big stone in your heart like Mr. Inamori, let go of the pressure, and go into battle lightly, 

you will find that your leadership will naturally manifest, and you will have this wisdom in your heart to solve problems, 

and this hurdle is not completely insurmountable. .

So, how to let go of the burden in your heart and travel lightly?

It is to get rid of those ignorance and greed in the heart, to get rid of those excess food and extravagance, 

so that the conscience can be restored to a clear body.

What kind of excess food waste? Take the "nine hearts" as an example, such as procrastination and hesitation and slackness to avoid problems; 

sloppy and careless minds; irritable minds that only make superficial essays without exploring the essence; 

jealousy that keeps evil thoughts and sets themselves on fire Heart; self-righteousness and anger that disturbs the team; 

greed to make profits blind, blind investment; arrogance to set the ground as a prison and refuse to grow; stingy with small temperament and care;

Just imagine, when all these nine hearts are observed and removed one by one, what kind of pattern and realm will be presented?

There is a saying in Tao Te Ching: "Quietness is for the sake of the world."

Just like the story of the fighting cock told in "Zhuangzi Dasheng", at the end of the training, it seems to be slow to respond, dumbfounded, 

and looks unremarkable, but other fighting cocks are afraid to fight and flee. why? 

Because it already has a pattern and realm that far surpasses its peers, its mind does not move, and it is like a wooden chicken. 

Therefore, when soldiers come, it will block it, and water will cover it.

Removing excess food and extravagance, demonstrating crisis leadership, the crisis will also be turned into an opportunity, 

boosting the company to continue to go beyond. As Churchill said, "Don't waste a crisis." Bless you all!

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